British White Park Cattle

The British White is one of the oldest breeds in Britain with direct links with the ancient indigenous wild white cattle of Great Britain. This breed originated from Whalley Abbey, Lancashire.

A traditional British breed, being large, naturally polled dual-purpose cattle. They are white in color with black or red points (nose, muzzle, ears, eyelids, teats, hooves and tongue) with their skin being pink and blue (or dark pigmented). This type of pigmentation and the black points elimintates problems of eye cancer and sunburn.

British White are docile, hardy and remarkably free from disease. They are good milk producers and are equally well known for their beef qualities, the meat being of excellent texture.

Another quality of this breed is their mothering ability by individual females, also incorporating the nursery system of a guard cow protecting groups of calves while the remainder of the herd grazes.

We are a proud member of the American British White Park Association (ABWPA). All our British White Parks are Registered Purebreds.

Available Calves

Next calving season expected for late summer/ early Fall 2023