Orpington Chickens

Orpingtons are big, gentle birds that respond well to attention. They are non-aggressive and enjoy handling, making them a good bird for families. Because they are passive birds, they do not do well in mixed flocks that include aggressive breeds.

Orpingtons go broody reasonably frequently, which is an excellent advantage if you want more chicks. They will lay you somewhere between 200-280 light brown eggs per year, that's roughly 4-5 eggs per week. As meat birds, they are ready for the table at 22 weeks.

We raise Orpington chickens strictly as producers for both eggs and meat. We like color variety so we do not have 1 certain Orpington color and at this time do not have Separate pens to grow out true color stock birds.

Available Birds

Rooster $20

Under a year old

Next hatching unknown 2023